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Dance Video Art Video Dance

“A little female was born” show presented by Akaida Orozco in the Hiparquía short film session, whose theme is gender violence, equality and feminism.

A stage production based on documentary, newspaper and testimonial research to explore, through dance, performance and new technologies, the metaphor of movement, the poetics of the word and the richness of audiovisuals translated into video art and video dance.

“A little female was born. Metáforas, estigmas y tormentos sobre la violencia hacia las nacidas hembras” proposes a gaze that shows the patriarchal stigma that names, stereotypes, normalises, from the very moment of birth, overlapping the elevated feminine power, falsifying the phenomenon of creation and underestimating the power of words.

Original by Akaida Orozco Díaz and Eduardo Ravara Schaposnik.