Official Opening Of The Festival

Presentation of the show Globe Story on the occasion of the opening of the Festival.

A silent theatre comedy. Globe Story is a love story is a story of humour. A love affair brings Greta and Max’s lives together forever. They will have a beautiful baby, spend their honeymoon on a cruise, chase a lover, dance up a storm and laugh at illness in a crazy hospital. They will live their comical adventures passionately, until they end up, literally, with their hearts in their hands.

For all audiences…
…especially for those who have forgotten to smile.

Actress Gemma Viguera, actor Fernando Moreno, stage direction and dramaturgy Jorge Padín, pianist Elena Aranoa, costumes Martín Nalda, stage space Santiago Ceña, company technician Julián Sáenz López, photography Raquel Fernández, graphic design Borja Ramos, production El Perro Azul Teatro., production El Perro Azul Teatro.