interactive Concert

Interactive Concert

Dance, aerial acrobatics and cabaret for all audiences

Music, film and circus show by La Petite Suite Band in the Plaza de España to mark the closing of the official feature film and short film sections.

La Petite Cabaret Bande
A cinema experience. Through music, the classic sounds and rhythms of swing and jazz, we will take a journey to the land of opportunity, America.

A tribute to the seventh art, cinema, to immerse ourselves in black-and-white and full-colour stories, which have made our imagination fly, not with digital special effects but with the most diverse and creative artistic resources.

Great classics of swing & jazz with vinyl sound that recalls the Hollywood of the 20s, 30s and 40s.

Voice: Silvi López / Piano: Virveh Keyman / Double bass: Miguel Ángel Pimentel / Drums: Popi Gonzále.