We still can’t say that everything will be as before, but almost… We still won’t have all the seats available, but almost… We still won’t be able to celebrate everything as we would have liked, but almost… And in that “almost” is part of the uniqueness and excitement of this eighth edition. An “almost” that, although it may seem small, means a great leap forward and brings us closer to the longed-for normality.

A year ago, after much debate and meditation, and despite the complicated health situation we were living, we decided to celebrate our Festival and we bet on Safe Culture. We did it with a different edition to the one we had originally thought of and for which we had been working for several months, but, without a doubt, the result was worth it.
We became, and we can be very proud of it, one of the first on-site film festivals in our country, and that mixture of uncertainty, tension, nerves, excitement, caution and maximum respect for health measures, will remain engraved in our memories forever.

Now it is time to look ahead. Therefore, this year we will try to strengthen and enhance even more the hallmarks of this festival, turning our eyes to a fresh cinema, supporting young filmmakers with creative, innovative and even risky ideas; with screenings that encourage meetings, dialogue, discussion and debate. And we will do it with more films, with more sessions, with premieres, with special screenings and parallel activities for everyone.

This year, in the year of the centenary of his birth, we remember Luis García Berlanga, an essential figure and master of our cinema. Director, screenwriter and one of the best chroniclers of our recent past. Berlanga’s films are a clear testimony of the 20th Century, and I would almost dare to say that this 21st Century (for all that has happened) continues to be Berlanguiano, sure as I am that he would know how to perfectly capture this health crisis under his singular, sarcastic and biting gaze.

The nostalgic touch will be provided by the Exhibition “Historias para no olvidar”, dedicated to another icon in the history of television, art and culture in Spain, and through which the younger people will be able to know in first person the origins of entertainment in our country by the hand of the person who revolutionized it.

We pay special recognition to the figure of Roberto Lancha for his radio program “Estamos de Cine” of Castilla La Mancha Media, for his commendable informative work and his enormous contribution to the Culture of Cinema in our region.

The social commitment is brought by our usual Solidarity Act, this time is dedicated to CIMA (Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media) for their work and promotion of an equal presence of filmmakers and industry professionals contributing to a balanced and realistic representation of women within the medium.

And the flavor will once again be provided by our traditional “Al Modo Bar” Film Tapas Route, in which our incomparable hotel and catering industry will delight us with its gastronomic interpretations of the films of our great Pedro Almodóvar.

The Festival will once again take to the streets with the caution and compliance with health measures still in force, but with the illusion of enjoying these days as if it were the first time, illusion that has become the engine that gives meaning to this Festival, illusion to bring the public great cinematographic moments, national and international, to bring actors and actresses, directors, directors, creators, cultural agents and of course, to fill the streets of Calzada de Calatrava with cinema.

Preparing a film festival like the one in Calzada is something that requires a lot of effort, a lot of time and many people involved, and there are many aspects that must be covered for an event like this to develop in the best possible way. For that reason, I can assure you that, as always, we have put all our effort and our work at the service of a clear objective: that the people of Calzada de Calatrava can feel proud of their Film Festival, as they have always been.

This is a Festival that is made up of restless people, people who are not satisfied with what has been achieved so far; people who do not stop before the imponderables, but are in a constant struggle to overcome them, and who put all their talent, their skills, knowledge and imagination in this great project that is: to turn Calzada de Calatrava into a place of reference at national and international level of the seventh art, thus contributing to its development as an open and multicultural city. To turn Calzada into… a town of cinema.

José Antonio Valencia Camacho
General Manager
Councilman of Culture – City Council Calzada Cva.