There Is Still Dust Under The Congo

David and roberto, a couple of journalists stationed in the democratic republic of the congo, take refuge from the war in a shelter full of rubble. There they will run into badou, a frightened and friendly child with whom quickly, and thanks to photography, they will make friends with. War correspondents are worried about making their families suffer constantly. It was always their goal to tell what no one risks telling, but what they would never imagine is that danger would lurk within those devastated walls. Has the time come for them to retreat?

Director: R. Ruvens
Producer: Rubén Pérez Cuartero
Credits: Cast: Adán Aguilar, Cast: Martín Uslenghi, Cast: Jaïr Valero, Cast: Fily Diaby Souare, Cast: Moussa Sane, Director Of Photography: Felipe Medici, Camera Operator: Alessio Aliprandi, Gaffer: Víctor Martínez, Camera Operator: Marc Merino, First Camera Assistant: Paula Pedrazo, Make-Up Artist: Alba Suárez, Costume Coordinator: Thomas Medina, First Assistant Director: Laura Álvarez, Scriptwriter: R. Ruvens, Film Editor: Alex Espinosa, Art Director: Romuald Augustin, Set Decorator: Irene Soms, Poster Creator: Adrià Buró, Advisor: Antonio Rosa Lobo
Duration: 6
Idiom: Español
Gender: Acción, Belica, Derechos Humanos, Drama, Otro
Thematic: Asuntos Sociales, Desigualdades, Educativo, Fotografía, Guerra, Infancia, Minorías Étnicas, Muerte, Otro, Política, Solidaridad, Terrorismo, Trabajo Infantil
Country: España
Date of production: 2022-01-31