Aurora The Street That Wanted To Be A River

The film narrates in first person the biography of a street called aurora. Like any street in the old center of são paulo, aurora is a concrete witness of the growing city. Her understanding of the time and life is different from ours, and her ideas and feelings about people change as time goes by. If in his "youth" all she wanted was to become an elegant avenue for the cars to pass, now she misses being a river and feeling infinite. From the ramblings of the street on a rainy day, we are taken to meet a character visiting her history and the history of the city.

Director: Radhe Meron
Producer: Gabriel Arruda
Credits: Lead Actor / Actress: Priscila Paes, Music Soundtrack: Rodrigo Eba, Production Sound Mixer: Alandson Silva, Animation: Ivanildo Soares, Scriptwriter: Radhe Meron, Art Director: Erik Souza, Digital Effects: Priscila Assunção, Drawing Artist: Ana Rangel, Drawing Artist: Amanda Daphne, Drawing Artist: Breno Machado, Drawing Artist: Josi Reis, Drawing Artist: Luisa Brockman
Duration: 10
Idiom: Portugués
Gender: Arte, Drama, Fantasia, Historico, Derechos Humanos, Infantil, Otro
Thematic: Ciudad, Cultura, Ambiental, Ecologia, Educativo, Familia, Historica, Infancia, Juventud, Música, Asuntos Sociales
Country: Brasil
Date of production: 2021-07-07