the Peace Of Cemeteries

The Peace Of Cemeteries

Through the children's eyes, "la paz de los cementerios" narrates a true story of survival and brotherhood taking place amid the abuses comitted by a priest during the spanish post-war period in an environment where fear wields its power to silence society

Director: Raquel Troyano
Producer/Production company: Pilar Sáncho, Patricia González, Raquel Troyano
Script: Raquel Troyano
Interpreters: Miguel Rellán, Toño Cuellar, David García, Julián Huerta
Sound: Jose Luis Toral
Music: Alberto R. Valhermoso
Costume: Sonia Beltrán
Editing: Luis Centurión
Art direction: Mamen Herrero
Duration: 9 minutes
Content Rating: 6+
Idiom: Español
Gender: Ficción
Thematic: Drama, Tema Social, Dirigido Por Mujer
Country: Spain
Date of production: 01/12/2023

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