Tear Off

A young bee must overcome her condition if she is to survive the destructive hornet that has invaded her hive. This adventure allows us to discover the dark side of a colony that is utopian at first glance. The film also explores the world of bees in more depth, with a story that highlights the fear of the unknown, of the dark, of claustrophobia, pushed in that by a macro camera which follows the character, in an alternative and frightening documented universe.

Director: Clément Del Negro, Charlotte Fargier, Héloïse Neveu, Camille Souchard, Nalini Bhasin
Producer/Production company: Philippe Meis
Script: Clément Del Negro
Sound: Laurent Vang
Sound Montage: Kamal Ouazene
Music: David Escudero
Editing: Clément Del Negro, Héloïse Neveu
Editing: Clément Del Negro, Héloïse Neveu
Animation: Camille Souchard, Nalini Bhasin
Duration: 5 minutes
Content Rating: TP
Idiom: None / Ninguno
Gender: Animación
Thematic: Ciencia Ficción, Fantástico, Cortometraje De Estudiantes, Ópera Prima
Country: Francia
Date of production: 01/07/2022

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