Captain Wits

A retired comic book artist decides to become captain wits to save the world from the return of akira, a mysterious laser harp player who appeared on tv in the 80s. The hero drags his grandson along on this adventure. The unlikely partnership turns into a beautiful friendship as the grandson is captivated by his grandfather's love of life. In his own way, santiago will become a superhero's sidekick so that his grandfather faces old age with the same bravery that embodies the hero captain wits.

Director: Filipe Gontijo
Producer/Production company: Érico Cazarré
Script: Filipe Gontijo Y Eduardo Gomes
Interpreters: Paulo Verlings, Fernando Teixeira, Nívea Maria Y André Amaro.
Sound: Micael Guimarães
Sound Montage: Ipê Amarelo
Music: Sascha Kratzer Y Rafael Maklon
Costume: Juliana Ramos
Editing: Eduardo Gomes E Filipe Gontijo
Editing: Eduardo Gomes E Filipe Gontijo
Animation: Pleaseno Santos Y Marcos Pinto
Voice-over: Paulo Verlings
Art direction: Lia Renha
Special effects: Lojinha De Filmes
Duration: 90 minutes
Content Rating: TP
Idiom: Portuguese
Gender: Ficción
Thematic: Aventuras / Deporte, Drama, Fantástico, Ópera Prima
Country: Brasil
Date of production: 21/04/2022

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