The Directors Of The Feature Films Are Full Of Praise For The X International Film Festival

Calzada de Calatrava, 7 August 2023. The celebration of the X International Film Festival of Calzada de Calatrava is a matter of days because on the 10th of August it will officially begin and will last until the 19th of this same month. These days prior to the start of the festival, the expectation is very high and the nerves are getting under the skin, especially for the directors and the cast of actors and actresses of the five feature films that aspire to conquer the award. The films If All Doors Close”, “Abyss”, “Captain Cunning”, “The Next Door Neighbour” and “Grey Clouds Blow Over the Green Field” are the contenders for the ‘statuette’ with the profile of Pedro Almodóvar’s image. These five works were, after an arduous and difficult task, the ones finally selected by the Jury after viewing and deciding on 73 national and international feature films that were presented in competition in this tenth edition of the festival.


Antonio Cuadriof “If all doors close”. The film, which tells the story of how three women, seemingly separated in time and space, end up coming together in the process of finding themselves, can be seen at the festival on Friday 11 August from 22:00 at the Patio San Francisco in Calzada de Calatrava.

The director of Abism”, Rafa Belmort and explains that “as it is such a minimalist film, any selection is welcome, but this one in question is very special as it is the festival of Almodóvar’s hometown”. The producer of this 86-minute Spanish play hopes that the audience “will like it a lot”. In this film production, actors such as Raúl de la Cruz, Anabel Riquelme, Enric López, Óscar Sanjuan and Ximena Marsé. Festival audiences can see Abismo on Sunday 13 August from 10pm at the Patio San Francisco in Calzada de Calatrava. The play tells the story of Eric, who finds himself burdened by debt and harassed by his grey life.


The director of Grey clouds blow over the green field’, Carlos R. López Parra, explains that the audience should see the work because it is . This Colombian production has a running time of 111 minutes. The cast includes actors and actresses such as Germán Betancourt, Jonatan Camero, Eddy Rivera, Irene Arias and Manuel Gómez. The play, which tells the story of a 75-year-old devoted father suffering from terminal cancer, can be seen at the festival on Tuesday 15 August from 22:00 hours in the Patio San Francisco.


The producer of ‘Captain Cunning’, Felipe Gontijo, explains that the selection at the festival “It was a great joy not only because of the international relevance of Calzada, but because I feel this film as a Manchego”. The play, of Brazilian nationality and which lasts 90 minutes, has in its cast actors and actresses such as Fernando Teixeira, Paulo Verlings, Nivea María, André Deca, Andrade Júnior and Yudi Tamashiro. Furthermore, Gontijo underlines that “despite the language difference, I feel a great connection between our cultures” . Captain Cunningtells the story of a former comic book artist who decides to become Captain Cunning to save the world from the return of Akira, a mysterious laser harpist who appeared on television in the 1990s. The film will be screened on Wednesday 16 August at the local Patio San Francisco from 10:00 p.m.

Finally, Jorge S. Pallás is the director of La vecina de al lado’, whose nationality is Spanish and has a running time of 80 minutes. The producer acknowledges that the selection generates . Furthermore, Pallás, in reference to the audience and his work, hopes that “they enjoy and laugh with the humour of his characters” . The director is full of praise for the Calzada de Calatrava International Film Festival because . The Next Door Neighbourwill be shown at the festival on Friday 18 August from 22:00 hours in the Patio San Francisco.. The actresses Luisa Ezquerra and Yolanda Boyano, as well as the actor Vicenc Miralles, will dazzle the audience.

10 to 19 August in Calzada de Calatrava to enjoy world-class screenings. The Mayoress of Calzada de Calatrava, Gema García,. Furthermore, the mayor, who encourages all audiences to enjoy each of the five feature films, expects .


the director of the X Calzada de Calatrava International Film Festival, José Antonio Valencia, praises the five works that finally opt for the award and recognises that . That this is the case is “great news for the public because they all have a very high level that will make each of the spectators enjoy a lot; and of course for the Festival that sees how over the years the quality of the works presented grows exponentially. This gives prestige to our Festival and I hope that it will encourage new filmmakers to present their future projects so that we can grow in unison and mutually benefit each other. After all, we exist because of them and our job is to give them visibility and a voice.



The X International Film Festival of Calzada de Calatrava is a reality thanks to the sponsorship of the production company El Deseo, the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, the Diputación de Ciudad Real, the GDR Campo de Calatrava, Parque Cultural Calatrava, Globalcaja, European Funds CEE, the Ministry Agenda 2030, Leader Funds, Fundación Impulsa, the Federation of Popular Universities, Ministry of Agriculture, Vice Calzada, Susano Solution, Mogar, Merendero Slogan, Desearás Volver, TAQ Distinciones, Grupo DTLED, Grupo Torreblanca, Informancha, JR Fotografía, Grupo Aspa, Complejo Rural Volcán Columbia, Aspafone Negocios, Caser Seguros and Eventos El Hidalgo.

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