The 10th Calzada De Calatrava International Film Festival Organises A Free Express Film Workshop

Filmmaker Tommy Llorens will give a training session from 15 to 18 August where participants over the age of 12 can make their own short films


Calzada de Calatrava, 14 August 2023. X Calzada de Calatrav International Film Festivalexpress film workshopTommy Llorens. The training is free and is aimed at anyone over 12 years of age, who will be able to acquire basic and very important knowledge from the classrooms of the Popular University of the municipality. Both theoretical and practical classes will be given in this local space from 9am to 2pm from the 15th to the 18th of August. In total there will be 20 hours of film lessons that will be enjoyed by all participants, who will have the option of creating those stories they have always wanted to produce. The workshop is financed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Agenda 2030 in agreement with the FEUP for its execution in the Popular Universities.

This training aims to encourage a conscious, critical and creative use of new technologies, providing students with tools, methodologies and concepts related to the production and distribution of content, as well as the need for teamwork to end up delivering one or more pieces that will be screened at the final gala of the festival, which will take place on Saturday 19 August. The workshop consists of a programme aimed at promoting audiovisual culture and transmedia languages from a perspective centred on mobile terminals as a tool for recording but also for receiving content.

The workshop will start on 15 August with the presentation of the training and some examples of short films will be screened, focusing on express cinema or cinema with mobiles competitions. From there it is necessary to establish a script through the concepts needed to carry out a great filming and production. On the following day, all the students’ proposals will be reviewed and what is needed to bring each idea to fruition. Once the roadmap is clear, the importance of script, acting, image, sound, music and wardrobe, among other aspects, will be explained.


Once the preliminary work has been done, it will be time to get down to work with the recording. The filming will begin on 17 August. After this field work, the last hours of training will be Friday 18th August, when all the recorded shots will be assembled. To finish building the short film, the students will learn which royalty-free music they can choose and which they can’t, which editing programmes they can use, as well as the basics of sound, effects and credits, among other things. Finally, on the 19th of August, during the closing ceremony, the works produced during this exciting workshop will be screened.

director of the X Calzada de Calatrava International Film Festival, José Antonio Valencia, explains that “we are holding this express film workshop again because last year it was a great success and had a high participation”. In addition, Valencia stresses that “it is very important to bring cinema closer to everyone so that they can get to know and see for a few days how the film industry works”.


X Calzada de Calatrava International Film Festival aims to facilitate access to lovers of the seventh art so that they can realise and carry out those projects that have always been on their minds. And the fact is that this town is a cinematic cradle where it is only a matter of time before more important figures in the marvellous cinema appear.