A family is getting ready to spend a couple of days in the nature. Everything is going well until the temperature starts rising spectacularly.

Director: Isaac Berrocal Bravo
Producer/Production company: Sonia Martín Pérez
Script: Isabel Medarde
Interpreters: Carles Moreu, Chargo Gabella, Chiti Abraira, Álex Mola, José Varela
Sound: Daniel Rincón
Music: Pandereteras Gritsanda
Make-up artist: Aaron Marqués
Photography: Ricardo Fernández
Editing: Isaac Berrocal
First assistant director: Miguel Reyes
Production assistant: Davis Moran
Duration: 14 minutes
Content Rating: 12+
Idiom: Español
Gender: Ciencia Ficción, Drama, Fantasia, Horror, Thriller
Thematic: Cambio Climático, Campo, Cultura, Macabro, Muerte, Violencia
Country: España
Date of production: 2023-02-06
Website: https://isaacberrocal.net/lacalima/