Exhibition In Calle General Aguilera

With enthusiasm, the neighbours of General Aguilera Street organise a unique exhibition to honour the acclaimed director Pedro Almodóvar, favourite neighbour of Calzada de Calatrava. The aim is to highlight his film legacy with an open-air exhibition from his own street, Almodóvar Street.

The event will enrich the cultural life of the community and allow everyone, citizens and visitors alike, to appreciate his impact on world cinema. The exhibition will become a fascinating journey through Almodóvar’s narrative universe, revealing his recurring themes, his unique visual style and his ability to capture the essence of life.

General Aguilera Street will be transformed into a magical setting, creating an unparalleled cinematic atmosphere. The neighbours, proud of their neighbour, will host this special tribute, sharing the tribute with those who wish to learn more about the director’s work.