On a hot summer day, mario, a cook immersed in routine, makes the mistake of forgetting his one-year-old son enzo in the car. This oversight triggers a tragedy that will forever mark the lives of mario and his wife esther. While mario faces a trial that goes beyond human justice, esther plunges into an ocean of resentment and despair, searching for an elusive forgiveness. Although mario is finally...

Director: Gala Gracia, Guillermo Garavito Amado
Producer/Production company: Carlo D'ursi
Script: Gala Gracia
Interpreters: Carlo D'ursi, Ruth Díaz, Enzo Aguilar D'ursi
Make-up artist: Miriam Sánchez
Photography: Sandra Formatger Martinez
Editing: Irene Vecchio
Duration: 12 minutes
Content Rating: 12+
Idiom: Español
Gender: Catastrófico, Comedia, Drama, Procesos Judiciales, Psicológico, Romántico
Thematic: Asuntos Sociales, Muerte, Parejas
Country: España
Date of production: 2023-10-02