land Of Our Mothers

Land Of Our Mothers

Rosario lives outside a village in la mancha. She farms her salt lake and lives with her handicapped son and her goat. But the corrupt local government sells the village and its lands for industrial farming, and the younger people in the village submit to the expulsion. Rosario and her friends will show them what it is to make a stand.

Director: Liz Lobato
Producer/Production company: Liz Lobato/Nieves Maroto/Diego Trenas/Zoe Berriatúa
Script: Liz Lobato
Interpreters: Saturnino García, José Luís Cruza
Sound: Luís Y Jeremías Tejera
Sound Montage: Dani Bravo Y Javier Fernández Transperfect
Music: Jeremías Y Luís Tejera
Costume: Juliana Sesmero
Editing: Ángel Pazos
Animation: N
Voice-over: Sagrario Cepeda
Art direction: Ana Tejera
Special effects: Javier García
Duration: 87 minutes
Content Rating: TP
Idiom: Español
Gender: Ficción
Thematic: Ópera Prima, Tema Social, Dirigido Por Mujer, Comedia, Drama, Discapacidad / Enfermedad
Country: Spain
Date of production: 14/07/2023

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