Music And Film Concert

Concert of Soundtracks conducted by Alejandro Camacho Cano.

Free admission.

The Agrupación Musical “Santa Cecilia” was founded in 1912 on the initiative of the Town Council of Calzada de Calatrava. It has a great musical activity, being an important social, cultural and of course musical dynamizing agent both at local and regional level, participating in different meetings, festivals, competitions, street events such as processions and festive parades… Currently composed of 103 members and directed by Jose Luis Espinosa, Alejandro Camacho and Raul Rios.

The repertoire.

– Cinema Nights (Arr. A Camacho)
– 1492 conquest of paradise (Vangelis)
– Colours of the wind (Alan Menken)
– Victor s Tales (John Williams)
– The Lord of the Rings (Howard Shore)
– Mt.Everest (Rosano Galante)
– How to Train Your Dragon (John Powell)
– Indiana Jones (Arr. A Camacho)
– To my mother (Roque Baños)