closing Gala And Award Ceremony

Closing Gala And Award Ceremony

Music, shows, variety shows, screenings. Directors, producers, scriptwriters, actors, actresses, etc. will be present.

Presenter: “The Great Dimitri” Clown show. Dimitri, a genius of the stage according to him, although of dubious artistic reputation.

Dance performance: Akaida Orozco will present the show “My own film”. A character bursts into the space, arriving from somewhere, not too far away, not too close.

Cinema music: Piano pieces by Rafael de Guillermo. He will perform film music on the piano. Prestigious pianist, composer and music producer.

Act of solidarity: Centro de Desarrollo Comunitario Altos de San Jerónimo, Bogota. The Centre is a non-profit organisation that seeks to help children and adolescents in vulnerable situations due to problems such as abandonment, family violence and substance abuse.