Bad News

A dysfunctional family gathers due to a tragedy. But there's somebody missing: the oldest son is celebrating his birthday at a camp in the himalayas, unaware of the terrible news. Before he calls them, the family must decide whether to hide the truth and let him live in blissful ignorance for one more week, or tell him and ruin his life forever.

Director: Santiago Cardelús Ruiz-Alberdi, Pablo Manchado Cascón
Producer: Wenceslao Scyzoryk
Credits: Scriptwriter: Pablo Manchado, Scriptwriter: Santiago Cardelús, Director Of Photography: Álvaro Fernández, Director Of Photography: Gerardo Castaños
Duration: 15
Idiom: Español
Gender: Comedia, Drama, Otro
Thematic: Cultura, Humor, Asuntos Sociales
Country: España
Date of production: 2021-04-01