A Diente De Perro

On leaving work, while darío manzano is taking drugs in the car, he receives an unexpected visit from ginés chega. This pointing a gun at him, asks him about his friend "el gitano", whom he accuses of having stolen a lot of money. Manzano, without knowing what happened, cannot answer anything about it. Ginés angrily butts darío on the nose while he threatens him and leaves. Darío, with a broken nose, starts looking for his friend with the car. When he finally finds him, very angry, he reproaches josé for stealing from los chega since they are very dangerous. Trying to find a solution, darío decides to take josé to france so that they will not find him. That same night, during the journey by car, darío suffers a stroke that will cause him to lose control, leaving the road and causing the death of josé. After a few months, progress in darío's rehabilitation began to show results, but everything began to go wrong due to the accumulation of different events that will put darío and his family in trouble: defaults with the bank, tensions between them and the imminent sentence of the trial for the accident. To this is added, the pressure from los chega to darío to recover the money lost from him, since the night of the robbery, josé was in the car with manzano when he suffered the accident. As a consequence of this, manzano will live a few hours prior to his entry into prison, frantic and full of danger, where he will try to defend, doggedly, his family.

Director: Josél Luis Estañ
Producer: Jose Luis Estañ
Credits: Director Of Photography: Ivan "Oggi" Emery, Co-Writer: Miguel Ángel Puro, Co-Writer: José Luis Estañ, Co-Writer: Pedro J. Poveda, Music Soundtrack: Luismi Glez Bedmar, Art Director: Maria De Iracheta , Lead Actor / Actress: Miguel Ángel Puro, Lead Actor / Actress: Allende García, Supporting Actor / Actress: Pablo Tercero
Duration: 75
Idiom: Español
Gender: Drama, Otro, Thriller
Thematic: Muerte, Drogas, Familia, Soledad, Relaciones, Asuntos Sociales, Robo, Violencia
Country: España
Date of production: 2021-02-01
Distributor: Yaq Distribución - Alicia Albares