A Little More Soup

An abused woman is accused of murdering her husband by drowning him in a bowl of soup. In the interrogation the police will try to make her confess, but she has other plans

Director: Santiago Plana Giné
Producer/Production company: Santiago Plana Giné
Interpreters: Esther Rivas, Mariano Andrés Y Carlos Chamorro
Sound: Ignacio Sardiña
Sound Montage: Ignacio Sardiña
Costume: Carmen Iniesta
Photography: Cesar González
Editing: Espe Esteban
Animation: Espe Esteban
Voice-over: Mariano Andrés
Art direction: Carmen Iniesta
Special effects: Espe Esteban
Duration: 0:07:26 minutes
Idiom: Spanish
Gender: Fiction
Country: Spain
Date of production: 2020-04-14

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