In the workshop of self-advocates, the monitor asks about the roles of women and men in the daily tasks of the home, the unexpected response of one of the components of the workshop does not leave indifferent to their colleagues and the monitor.

Director: Arturo Martínez Navío Y Juany Chica Sáez
Producer/Production company: Arjuteam Producciones Audiovisuales
Interpreters: Juany Chica, Pablo Gámez, Isabel Gea, Iluminada Castillo, Javier Martínez, Felipe Charriel
Sound: Antoñoli Padilla
Sound Montage: Arturo Martínez
Costume: Arjuteam Producciones Audiovisuales
Photography: Arturo Martínez
Editing: Arturo Martínez Y Juany Chica
Animation: Arturo Martínez
Voice-over: Nada
Art direction: Juany Chica
Special effects: Arturo Martínez
Duration: 0:01:00 minutes
Idiom: Spanish
Gender: Fiction
Country: Spain
Date of production: 2019-03-10

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