Wedding Dress

The wedding dress tells through the harsh story of a woman how she was deprived of liberty for practically her entire life. , a simple, sincere and direct monologue, which tells us about romantic love, toxic relationships and leaves us on the table how hard the life of a woman who suffers sexist violence can be. , a powerful story based on real events that will look society in the eye to ask questions and make them reflect without leaving anyone impassive.

Director: Enrique Muñoz López
Producer/Production company: Enrique Muñoz López
Interpreters: Luisa Gavasa
Sound: Daniel Bravo
Costume: Irene Sánchez Lillo
Photography: Clara Huelbes
Editing: Ángel Rodríguez
Art direction: Enrique Muñoz, Irene Sánchez Lillo
Duration: 0:07:02 minutes
Idiom: Spanish
Gender: Fiction
Country: Spain
Date of production: 2021-01-01
Distributor: Jóvenes Realizadores

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