Pacha Kuti: The Golden Path

When arnold returns to his native community in the peruvian amazon after living in the urban world, he remembers the stories told to him by his grandfather and the great importance of maintaining balance with the jungle. An atmospheric exploration of what biodiversity conservation means to this machiguenga community living in one of the most biodiverse regions in the world.

Director: Reed Rickert
Producer/Production company: Reed Rickert
Script: Reed Rickert
Sound: Stereo
Editing: Reed Rickert
Duration: 6 minutes
Idiom: Machinguenga
Gender: Documental
Thematic: Antropología, Ecología, Etnográfico, Identidad, Indígena, Rural
Country: Perú
Date of production: 2020
Distributor: Promofest Distribución

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