The 17th of october 1986. It’s a special day for barcelona. The president of the international olympic committee is about to announce the city that will host the 1992 olympic games. For carmen, the day of joy for barcelona will turn into the “day after”, when she will never feel safe again.

Director: María Salgado Gispert
Producer/Production company: María Salgado Gispert
Interpreters: Roberto Enríquez, Paula Toribio
Sound: Francisco Ruiz Musulén
Music: Francisco Ruiz Musulén
Photography: Isabel Ruiz Ruiz
Editing: María Salgado Gispert
Duration: 11 minutes
Content Rating: TP
Idiom: Español
Gender: Adolescente, Derechos Humanos, Drama
Thematic: Adolescente, Animales, Asuntos Sociales, Campo, Equidad De Género, Infancia, Mujer, Violencia
Country: España
Date of production: 2022-07-20
Distributor: Distribution With Glasses - Marta Salvador Tato
Website: https://distributionwithglasses.com/titan/