The Hellish Family

A cowardly priest has to exorcise a demon from a teenager's body, whose life seems to have changed for the better.

Director: Toni O. Prats, Callahan Ruiz
Producer: Toni O. Prats, Callahan Ruiz
Credits: Co-Writer: Toni O. Prats, Co-Writer: Callahan Ruiz, Executive Producer: Jordi Martínez, Executive Producer: Bilitis Taanman, Executive Producer: Toni O. Prats, Executive Producer: Callahan Ruiz, Executive Producer: Al Díaz, Associated Producer: Paco Cavero, Director Of Photography: Marc Ribas, Art Director: Jordi Martínez, Sound: Toni Cors, Music Soundtrack: Martí Noguer, Film Editor: Xavi Pérez, Special Effects Supervisor: Héctor Moreno, Lead Actor / Actress: Angel Amieva, Lead Actor / Actress: Estíbaliz Barroso, Lead Actor / Actress: Fèlix Velarde, Supporting Actor / Actress: Txema Alabert, Supporting Actor / Actress: David Planas, First Assistant Director: Judit Vilarrasa
Duration: 15
Idiom: Español
Gender: Comedia, Horror
Thematic: Familia, Humor, Juventud
Country: España
Date of production: 2021-10-02