The Bedspread

A mother goes to visit her daughter, just when she was going to leave. The daughter is in a hurry: she has argued with her husband and if she does not get to her new exhibition, the relationship is in danger. But the mother brings him a gift. And bad news. If you give him two minutes, he will tell you.

Director: David Pérez Sañudo
Producer/Production company: David Perez Sañudo, Elena Maeso, Agustín Delgado
Duration: 14 minutes
Idiom: Español
Gender: Drama, Psicológico
Thematic: Parejas, Familia, Equidad De Género, Psicología, Relaciones, Mujer
Country: España
Date of production: 2021-01-01
Distributor: Cinemateca De Cortometrajes Laboral De Asturias - Jorge Rivero