taller De Cine Express

Taller De Cine Express

The proposed workshop (20h) consists of a programme aimed at promoting audiovisual culture and transmedia languages from a perspective centred on mobile terminals as a tool for recording but also for receiving content. It aims to promote a conscious, critical and creative use of new technologies, providing participants with tools, methodologies and concepts related to the production and distribution of content, as well as the need for teamwork to end up delivering one or more pieces that will be screened at the final gala of our festival.


Requirements: A desire to create, knowledge of mobile phones and basic editing systems. The workshop will take place over 4 days, each day lasting 5 hours. Students will have to complete the work in the afternoon to see the practices the next day in the first block.

The workshop will take place in 4 days, with 5 hours each day.

Age: Young people over 12 years old.
Enrolment: Free of charge.
Timetable: 9:00 to 14:00.

Day 15.

After the presentation, we will see some examples of short films, focusing on the competitions of express cinema or cinema with mobiles, then we will deal with the most important thing: “A good story” and how to get a good script.We will see in broad strokes the fundamental rules of cinema, which we should not skip unless we want to and with intentions: Axis, racord, frame… Meanwhile we will continue to see examples of short films that will open our creative mind.

Day 16.

The first thing will be to listen to the proposals of the participants and we will analyse their conditions and requirements. We will choose several and together we will contribute to them. We will see how to take care of the production and shooting of our short films, stressing the importance of script, acting, image, sound, music, wardrobe… We will form the shooting teams, in which everyone will help everyone else.

Day 17.


Day 17.

Day 18.

Assembly. Viewing of the raw footage, we will see editing programs and we will work on them, as well as on royalty-free and royalty-free music, editing programs, sound libraries, music, foley, sound bases, effects, credits….Viewing of examples and bibliography to read and continue learning.

Day 18.

We will have to have finished at least a couple of worthy short films to present on the 19th at the final gala of the festival!

We will have to have finished at least a couple of worthy short films to present on the 19th at the final gala of the festival!

Classroom with wifi, air conditioning and screen for hdmi and sound connection.

Tommy Llorens . Madrid. Spain. Lawyer, Criminologist, Playwright, Musician and Filmmaker. He has made more than 20 short films, 1 medium-length film, 3 plays and 1 feature film, with several awards and selections: Changó 2009/Por un piano 2010/Maiakovski 2011/Maricón Canela 2011/Brutal Reality 2012/Always Marylin 2012/ Telepatía 2012/ Colores 2015/Cancelada 2018/ Ecos 2021 (on Filmin). Currently in pre-production of the feature film “Eterna” and in development of the feature film “Alelí”.