Table For 3

Five friends go to dinner at a high-end restaurant. Upon arrival, they discover that the reserved table, initially for five people, is now a table for three. An unforeseen situation that will test friendship and the bonds that exist within this group of friends.

Director: Álvaro G. Company, Meka Ribera
Producer: Miguel Quintanilla
Credits: Lead Actor / Actress: Alexandra Masangkay, Lead Actor / Actress: Luis Mottola, Lead Actor / Actress: Nacho Guerreros, Lead Actor / Actress: Paco Tous, Lead Actor / Actress: Nerea Garmendia, Supporting Actor / Actress: Luis Zahera, Scriptwriter: Ignacio Macho, Director Of Photography: Iván Emery, Sound: Jose Luis Morales, Music Soundtrack: Adrián Berenguer, Executive Producer: Senti Bernabéu
Duration: 13
Idiom: Español
Gender: Comedia, Derechos Humanos, Drama
Thematic: Asuntos Sociales, Comer/Beber, Humor
Country: España
Date of production: 2022-04-20
Distributor: Line Up - Film Agency - Alfonso Díaz