Climate change is forcing the installation of new green energies. The massive and disorderly development of wind energy is causing the death of thousands of birds. María and josé antonio, two naturalists, have decided to find out the truth and visit eleven mills every week that they have installed next to their town. The results are alarming, in 20 months more than 600 dead animals have been found between birds and bats. It's just the tip of the icebert. They are two quixotes against giant windmills

Director: Pablo Lozano Chavarría
Producer: Pablo Lozano Chavarría
Credits: Cast: María Ibañez, Cast: José Antonio Pinzolas, Director Of Photography: Pablo Lozano
Duration: 14
Idiom: Español
Gender: Derechos Humanos, Wildlife Movie
Thematic: Ambiental, Animales, Asuntos Sociales, Cambio Climático, Ciencia Y Tecnología, Ecologia, Energía, Naturaleza
Country: España
Date of production: 2022-05-08
Website: https://palochaproducciones.com/