Mine De Plomb

The car goes fast. The atmosphere is tense. There is no one outside. Taken by her father, the young zheina seeks her mother who is still in the hospital to take care of the wounded. She discovers a city emptied of its population and whose buildings debris announce a significant danger.

Director: Arthur Valter, Robin Delmond, Fanny Lambert, Lino Talfer, Noémie Six, Théo Emsellem
Producer/Production company: Philippe Meis
Sound: Arthur Valter
Sound Montage: Kamal Ouazene
Editing: Robin Delmond
Animation: Fanny Lambert, Lino Talfer, Théo Emsellem
Duration: 0:06:27 minutes
Idiom: None / Ninguno
Gender: Animation
Country: France
Date of production: 2019-06-28

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