Justifiable Murder

A woman leaves the house with confusion and intense internal conflict and moves to the information office to complain about what happened to her and ask for immediate help. The woman's statements show that she is complaining about the rape that has been done to her many times and she is asking the police to take immediate action and arrest the aggressor. But in the end, it turns out that he actually sued his wife for rape, not a stranger.

Director: Ebrahim Rahnama
Producer/Production company: Ebrahim Rahnama
Script: Ebrahim Rahnama
Interpreters: Mina Vahid
Sound: Ali Edalatdoost
Sound Montage: Ali Edalatdoost
Music: .
Editing: Mohammad Khamis Abadi
Editing: Mohammad Khamis Abadi
Voice-over: .
Art direction: Ebrahim Rahnama
Special effects: .
Duration: 11 minutes
Content Rating: 16+
Idiom: Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Gender: Ficción
Thematic: Drama
Country: Irán
Date of production: 30/11/2022

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