Flesh is about how women are seen as bodys at disposal, judged as time passes as meat cooking stages. Through the form and texture of real materials such as paint, watercolor, clay, 35mm film and virtual image decomposition as glitches and datamosh, five women are represented in animation by women animators to highlight the perverse way in which society looks at them.

Director: Camila Kater
Producer/Production company: Chelo Loureiro, Livia Perez
Duration: 12 minutes
Idiom: Portugués
Gender: Adolescente, Biopic, Derechos Humanos, Sexual
Thematic: Asuntos Sociales, Educativo, Equidad De Género, Homosexualidad, Juventud, Mujer, Queer Cinema, Sexualidad
Country: Brasil
Date of production: 2019-08-01
Website: http://www.agenciafreak.com/peliculas/carne/