Coeur De Neige

Anna is an android. When her condition makes her obsolete, she decides to flee the civilization on board an old train, in order to preserve what is most precious to her.

Director: Téo Criqui, Clément Serralta, Baptiste Malbranque, Justine Hémery, Chloé Stemmelin, Cannelle Cou
Producer: Philippe Meis
Interpreters: N/A
Sound: Cannelle Courtois Maginot
Sound Montage: Kamal Ouazene
Costume: N/A
Photography: N/A
Editing: Clément Serralta
Animation: Clément Serralta, Justine Hémery
Voice-over: N/A
Art direction: N/A
Special effects: N/A
Duration: 0:06:57
Idiom: None / Ninguno
Gender: Animation
Country: France
Date of production: 2020-07-31

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