A Tiny Tale

A dog gets abandoned on the side of the road. Attached to a street light, he stays alone until the day he meets a young astronaut wannabe and a professional cyclist who keeps on trying to beat her highest score.

Director: Sylvain Cuvillier, Chloé Bourdic, Théophile Coursimault, Noémie Halberstam, Maÿlis Mosny, Zijing
Producer/Production company: Philippe Meis
Sound: Théophile Coursimault
Sound Montage: Kamal Ouazene
Editing: Théophile Coursimault
Animation: Chloé Bourdic, Théophile Coursimault
Duration: 0:07:33 minutes
Idiom: None / Ninguno
Gender: Animation
Country: France
Date of production: 2020-07-31

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