Eric and miriam live in a neighbourhood in the suburbs. Both lead a grey life, lacking in emotion. Eric is out of work and they have been having money problems for some time. The non-payment of bills is coupled with what will be the trigger for change: the notice of foreclosure on their home. As a result, eric contacts his childhood friend, angel, who introduces him to a group with which he begins to carry out quick robberies in factories, discovering a new world of adrenaline and easy money. Eric soon stands out for his skill and temperance, gaining the trust of the group, especially that of abel, head of the organisation. All this will lead him, on the one hand, to have a very intense conflict with his girlfriend, who is not willing for eric to continue in the group, and on the other hand, to feel more alive than ever, to break away from the established, and to dream of having a life like angel's, where the lack of money is never again the problem. Abismo is a film that deals with topics as diverse as love, friendship, loyalty, fear, and even revenge and regret. It will put the viewer in the protagonist's shoes and make them, along with him, be forced to question what, if any, is the next step to take before it all falls apart and it is too late.

Director: Rafa Belmont Casado
Producer/Production company: Rafa Belmont Casado
Script: Rafa Belmont
Interpreters: Raúl De La Cruz, Enric López, Anabel Riquelme, Óscar Sanjuan, Ximena Marsé, Alicia Lorente, Francesc Rocamora, Esperança Vegas, Jaume García, Ester Amiel, Laura Tomás, David Gallardo, Juan Carlos Tovar, Álex Jurado, Jordi Ramoneda, Berta Girbau, Antonio Vladimir, Óscar Masllovet
Sound: Rubén Tardío
Music: Óscar Sanjuan
Make-up artist: Laura Oliver
Photography: Rafa Belmont
Editing: Rafa Belmont
Location scout: Jose Manuel Andreu
First assistant director: Rubén Tardío
Production assistant: Laura Puerto
Duration: 86 minutes
Content Rating: 16+
Idiom: Español
Gender: Cine Negro, Thriller
Thematic: Mafia, Robo, Venganza
Country: España
Date of production: 2022-02-17