An Unfinished Love

A young couple in love, robert and sarah, get engaged in the park of their hometown. Soon after, world war i throws robert into the trenches where a gust of wind blows away not just robert's letter to sarah, but the couple's future as well. Post-war, robert struggles to come to terms with the changes in the world and the rapid growth of the city he calls home. He once again finds solace in writing letters to his lost love, and does so every day for decades.

Director/a: Rami El Harayri
Producción/Productora: John Mcgrew, Rami El Harayri
Duración: 4 minutos
Idioma: Holandés
Genero: Drama, Historico
Temática: Romance
Pais: Paises Bajos
Día de producción: 2018-12-06
Página web: