What A Shitty Day!

A shitty day narrates one of the most important days for leti, where she is left absolutely devastated after her boyfriend stood her up at the altar. Leti wanders on the road and suddenly meets noelia, a pilgrim on st. James way. On the way, both women end up finding out what really a shitty day is.

Director: Vanesa Romero
Producer: Vanesa Romero, Juan Vidal Fernández, Raúl Ruano Monge, Paloma Tejero Rodríguez
Credits: Scriptwriter: Vanesa Romero, Director Of Photography: David Hebrero
Duration: 10
Idiom: Español
Gender: Comedia, Drama, Horror, Otro
Thematic: Cultura, Humor, Asuntos Sociales
Country: España
Date of production: 2022-01-14