Thank You, Thank You Very Much

The X Edition of the Calzada de Calatrava International Film Festival is already here, and we are sure that it will be a few intense days of cinema, and with the good taste that will leave us having found ourselves one more year supported by everyone, so from Festival Internacional de Calzada de Calatrava; THANK YOU!

There are many who make this event possible, those who, with your support and encouragement, push us every year to continue working on the commitment to a Film Festival of New Emerging Talents, of everyone and for everyone. For this, once again THANK YOU!

Institutions and individuals


Diputación Provincial de Ciudad Real
A.D. Campo de Calatrava
Regional Ministry of Culture and Sports JCCM
Impulsa Castilla-La Mancha Foundation
Castilla-La Mancha Tourism Office in Madrid
CMM – Castilla-La Mancha Media
CIMA (Women Audiovisual Filmmakers Association)
PNR – Platform of New Filmmakers
Hermandad Ntro. Padre Jesús Nazareno (Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus of Nazareth)
Antonio Merinero
Diego Pajuelo Almodóvar
José Ramón Caballero Catalá
Tommy Llorens
Municipal workers

Collaborating companies

ASPAFONE Businesses
Participating Bars in the Tapas Competition
Rural Complex “Volcán Columba”.
EL DESEO S.A. – Film Production Company
El Hidalgo 2.0 Events
FESTHOME – Online Film Platform
MOVIBETA – Online Film Platform
Finca “La Rosala” – Gourmet Dried Fruits and Nuts
Grupo ASPA – Technological Business Group
Hosperdería de Los Calatravos Hotel
Hostal “Las Polamas
Informancha – Graphic and Web Design
José Ramón Caballero – JR Photography
Mi Escapada Fovorita
MOGAR – Training Centre
SLOGAN – Terrace Merendero
Susano Design – Corporate Image
Alonso Quijano Trophies – TAQ Distinctions


Finally, we would like to thank the Calzadeña society, and those who have accompanied us from outside as well, for their invaluable openness and welcoming company. We are proud that our town is a meeting point for all lovers of the seventh art.