the Strategists

The Strategists

A woman who has just suffered an episode of gender violence calls the radio pretending to order food in a business in order to escape her situation. On the other side, a blind presenter who is debuting on the radio and the operator will help the stranger to weave a strategy to get safe.

Director: Fabricio Centorbi
Producer/Production company: Fabricio Centorbi
Interpreters: Milisa ., Antonella Arias, Rocío Manzano, Diego Quiroga, Jeremías Leiva
Sound: Martín Chiarpotti
Music: Spaghetti Western
Make-up artist: Salvador Romano
Photography: Mariano Moyano
Editing: Café 80
First assistant director: Luciano Ruíz
Production assistant: Paola Maglione
Duration: 14 minutes
Content Rating: TP
Idiom: Español
Gender: Drama, Cine Negro, Derechos Humanos, Psicológico
Thematic: Discapacidad, Equidad De Género, Asuntos Sociales, Violencia, Mujer
Country: Argentina
Date of production: 2023-01-27