The Silent Scream

Ewen, eight years old, affronts in crown court, everyone's silence.

Director: Camille Anne, Julie Vandenbergue, Martin Laurent, Elisa Torris, Camille Leroy, Lucas Foutrier
Producer/Production company: Carlos De Carvalho
Script: Camille Anne, Julie Vandenbergue
Sound: Camille Anne, Pierre-Antoine Naline
Sound Montage: Christian Cartier
Music: Pierre-Antoine Naline
Editing: Camille Anne
Editing: Camille Anne
Animation: Camille Anne, Julie Vandenbergue
Voice-over: Benoît Allemane, Isabelle Trehet
Duration: 7 minutes
Content Rating: TP
Idiom: French
Gender: Animación
Thematic: Drama, Fantástico, Cortometraje De Estudiantes, Ópera Prima
Country: Francia
Date of production: 08/07/2022

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