The Eyes Of The Land

The biodiversity crisis is one of the most critical issues on the planet. Prompt diagnoses are needed to stop the species’s extinction. One threatened species is the spur-thighed tortoise in morocco. However, determining the presence or absence of this species in the wild is very challenging even with the most advanced technological equipment and experimented researchers. To save the species, science needs those who know better the secrets of the land: the shepherds.

Director: Marcos Altuve Marquina
Producer/Production company: Roberto Rodríguez Caro, Andrés Giménez Casalduero, Marcos Altuve Marquina, Eva Graciá
Duration: 15 minutes
Idiom: Español
Gender: Aventura, Derechos Humanos, Melodrama, Otro, Reality, Road Movie, Adolescente, Wildlife Movie
Thematic: Adolescente, Publicidad, Animales, Mundo Árabe, Cinema Verite, Cambio Climático, Campo, Cultura, Ecologia, Educativo, Ambiental, Comunidades Indígenas, Viaje, Música, Naturaleza, Ciencia Y Tecnología, Asuntos Sociales, Violencia
Country: España
Date of production: 2020-07-18