The Cashier

Maca works as a cashier in a supermarket. One day, while she is replenishing one of the shelves, a young man approaches her from behind and 'touches' her behind with the 'package'. The girl threatens to confront him, but doubts assail her. Was it an assault? can i report it? will he have done it to more women? doesn't something like this happen to hundreds of women around the world every day? without being able to explain what has happened, maca only feels that she has to do something. Hiding from her boss, she sneaks into his office and consults the recordings of the supermarket's surveillance cameras until she verifies that she has not been the only victim. Maca will not stop until she locates the rest of the assaulted women, demonstrates the attacks and does justice.

Director: Amada Santos Relaño
Producer/Production company: Amada Santos Relaño Fila 5 Producciones - Amada Santos Relaño, Esperpento Films - Araceli Carrero
Script: Miguel Ángel Parra
Interpreters: Olga Navalon, Andrea Haro, Pedro Lendínez, Chema Trujillo, Amada Santos, Tomás Fernández, Trini Ferrera, Gema Castro
Music: Sitoh Ortega
Make-up artist: Sara Caceres
Photography: Mark Mata
Editing: Elena De Urda
First assistant director: Ana Rubio
Production assistant: Iván Fernádez
Duration: 14 minutes
Content Rating: 12+
Idiom: Español
Gender: Drama
Thematic: Equidad De Género, Mujer, Sin Violencia, Violencia
Country: España
Date of production: 2022-10-31
Distributor: Fila 5 Producciones - Amada Santos Relaño