schugurensky, Self Portrait

Schugurensky, Self Portrait

The workshop of painter pablo schugurensky is an intimate place. More than 40 years of work and experiences. Today we enter this private place to participate in his creative process and let him tell us what is so special about this moment to open its doors to us.

Director: Guillermo García-Ramos
Producer/Production company: Salome Limon
Interpreters: Pablo Schugurensky
Sound: Salomé Limón
Photography: Alberto Flores
First assistant director: María Herrero
Duration: 11 minutes
Content Rating: TP
Idiom: Español
Gender: Arte, Drama, Otro
Thematic: Asuntos Sociales, Cinema Verite, Cultura, Discapacidad, Enfermedad, Muerte, Salud, Salud Mental, Vejez
Country: España
Date of production: 2024-01-01