feet On The Sand

Feet On The Sand

"the footprints in the sand are orphaned creatures abandoned by the feet that created them" and sometimes erasing them causes infinite pain. Toña is a dominican woman who escapes her country and an abusive relationship. She arrives in puerto rico undocumented to build a new life and is on the verge of achieving it. She marries luis and while waiting for her regularization she works helping other ...

Director: Gustavo Ramos Perales
Producer/Production company: Annabelle Mullen, Edna Lerebours Belle Films - Anabelle Mullen Pacheco, Studio Creativo - Sandra Huerto Acedo
Interpreters: Judith Rodriguez, Eduardo Martinez
Photography: Willie Berrios
Duration: 75 minutes
Content Rating: 16+
Idiom: Español
Gender: Drama
Thematic: Emigracion/Inmigracion, Mujer
Country: Puerto Rico
Date of production: 2023-01-01