Echoes is a film of love, of a sincere love, of a silent love, of a lost love, of a rising love, of a dying love, of a love without fear. Those six loves coincide in a time and a place, on 02/22/2022 on the island of la palma. In an endless afternoon.

Director: Tommy Llorens
Producer: Tommy Llorens
Credits: Scriptwriter: Tommy Llorens, Director Of Photography: Rut Angielina, Director Of Photography: Tommy Llorens, Music Soundtrack: Wolfrank Zannou, Cast: Jordi Vilches
Duration: 88
Idiom: Español
Gender: Ciencia Ficción, Comedia, Psicológico, Romántico
Thematic: Equidad De Género, Otro, Primer Amor, Psicología, Relaciones, Romance
Country: España
Date of production: 2020-07-30