about A Woman

About A Woman

It ́s 1955. Rosa a skillful seamstress becomes the only witness of a murder accomplished by her neighbor. In a time of political tension in argentina, the crime ́s investigation will trigger the final resolution of the conflict.

Director: Luján Loioco / Mariano Turek
Producer/Production company: Luján Loioco
Script: Luján Loioco, Mariano Turek
Interpreters: María Soldi, Manuel Vignau, Abel Ayala, Miriam Odorico, Oscar Lápiz, Daniel Lambertini, Mercedes B
Sound: Agustín Casola
Sound Montage: Nahuel Palenque
Costume: Mariana Seropian
Photography: Gustavo Biazzi
Editing: Nicolás Goldbart
Animation: Danila Veniani
Voice-over: María Soldi
Art direction: Alicia Vázquez
Special effects: Franco Buratini
Duration: 1:29:15 minutes
Idiom: Spanish
Gender: Fiction
Country: Argentina
Date of production: 2019-12-31
Distributor: Libre Cine

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