22nd Of April

A short made during quarantine lockdown with archive images. The coronavirus is affecting the entire planet, killing thousands, changing the way we see the world and pushing our societies to rethink its habits deeply. One habit to improve above all others to be able to win the fight against this new common enemy is… hand-washing. But what about those places where fresh water is not a given primary commodity ?

Director: Cesare Maglioni
Producer: Cesare Maglioni
Credits: Cast: Tito Hametu, First Assistant Director: Yago Mateo Velasco, Sound: Yago Mateo Velasco, Music Soundtrack: James Lam, Music Soundtrack: Cesare Maglioni Featuring James Lam, Executive Producer: Yago Mateo Velasco
Duration: 3
Idiom: Inglés
Gender: Catastrófico, Infantil, Derechos Humanos, Otro, Retrato, Reality, Mudo
Thematic: Cambio Climático, Comer/Beber, Ecologia, Emigracion/Inmigracion, Ambiental, Salud, Asuntos Sociales
Country: Francia
Date of production: 2020-06-01