Clara is a self-demanding, perfectionist, nine-year-old girl. Despite her efforts and deprivations, especially from the temptations her friend bea offers continuously, she gets a failing grade in physical education. She has embarked along a path of obsessions and self-deception that will lead her to fall into a bottomless pit. A journey through darkness on which she'll lose everything and the people close to her, in particular her parents, full of doubt and questions, will be the beacon to show her the way out of the tunnel. Will she manage to do it?

Director: Juan Carlos Mostaza
Producer: J.c. Mostaza, Pablo López
Credits: Scriptwriter: Juan Carlos Mostaza, Director Of Photography: Juan Carlos Mostaza, Sound: J. C. Mostaza, Sound: Peakland Studios, Film Editor: J.c. Mostaza, Art Director: J.c. Mostaza, Art Director: Pablo López, Animation: Pablo López, Animation: J.c. Mostaza
Duration: 11
Idiom: Otro
Gender: Adolescente, Derechos Humanos, Drama, Infantil, Psicológico
Thematic: Asuntos Sociales, Comer/Beber, Educativo, Enfermedad, Escuela, Familia, Infancia, Mujer, Salud Mental
Country: España
Date of production: 2020-01-28
Distributor: Agencia Audiovisual Freak - Mónica Gallego