Lunes 17 de Julio a las 23:30 horas - Parque Reina Sofía

Título: Tis

Dirección: Chloë Lesueu

Año: 2016

Productora: Saïd Hamich

Guión: Chloë Lesueur, Claude Le Pape, Marie Madinier

Sonido: Margot Testemale, Fanny Weinzaepflen

Música: Arthur Lesueur

Animación: Gilles Coirrier, Goulwen Merret, Elodie Ponçon, Luis Ignacio de Marco Laporte, Paul Cabon

Duración: 9 min


A still, blank sheet of paper. A silhouette appears delineated beneath its surface. Here is our hero, TIS. He struggles and manages to free himself from the sheet of paper, but his feet remain attached to it. In the distance, he sees a crowd of beings similar to him. TIS tries to catch up with them but the sheet of paper he is attached to hinders his movements.